A.J. Brown on Jalen Ramsey: I’m not out here trying to fight, but I’m not taking no sh-t

Titans receiver A.J. Brown made a few plays and dropped a few passes during Tennessee’s 28-16 victory over the Rams on Sunday.

But Brown wasn’t too pleased with some of cornerback Jalen Ramsey‘s words during the contest.

Ramsey intercepted a pass intended for Brown in the first quarter and at the end of the play was flagged for unnecessary roughness. Initially the foul was announced as unsportsmanlike conduct, but the officials had changed that designation.

That became important when Brown and Ramsey were both flagged for offsetting taunting penalties late in the second quarter. Head coach Mike Vrabel said after the game he initially thought that was Ramsey’s second foul for taunting and that the cornerback would be disqualified. But that wasn’t the case.

Either way, Brown and Ramsey were jawing at one another. After the game, Brown was asked specifically about Ramsey’s “chirping” and how he was able to compartmentalize and tune it out.

“I don’t mind the chirping,” Brown said. “But little things after the play, like the dirty stuff — I’m not going for it. You know? I’m a man first and I’m here to play football. I’m not out here trying to fight nobody. But I’m not taking no sh-t, though.”

Brown declined to say what kind of “dirty stuff” he experienced from Ramsey.

“I mean, as you saw the game — I’m not going to get into all that,” Brown said. “We got the ‘dub’ and I’m not about to make it about me and him. He knows me. He has my number if he wants to see me.

“That ain’t a threat or anything. I’m just saying. He knows me, so if he wants to talk to me and get at me, he’s got my number.”

Brown caught just five of his 11 targets for 42 yards, though that was enough to lead the team in all of those categories.

Brown has 35 receptions for 509 yards with three touchdowns this year.

But unless the Titans and Rams reach the Super Bowl, it’ll be at least another two years until Ramsey and Brown match up on the field again.