Corporate Finance


The Ultimate Guide to Financial Reporting, Business Valuation, Risk Management, Financial Management, and Financial Statements

Financial Statements The Ultimate Guide to Financial Statements Analysis for Business Owners and Investors

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This audiobook contains five manuscripts:


  • Financial Reporting: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Financial Reports and Performing Financial Analysis
  • Business Valuation: The Ultimate Guide to Business Valuation for Beginners, Including How to Value a Business Through Financial Valuation Methods
  • Risk Management: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Risk Management as Applied to Corporate Finance
  • Financial Management: The Ultimate Guide to Planning, Organizing, Directing, and Controlling the Financial Activities of an Enterprise
  • Competitive analysis: By discovering how to take a really in-depth look at their financial statements, you can pinpoint where the extra profit comes from
  • Customer checks: You won’t just get a feeling for their creditworthiness now but you will be able to see exactly where the pain points are so that you know just where to look to spot any deterioration in their ability to pay