This book provides a details on individual islands, importing your belongings, bringing your pet with you, buying property, building a home, and supporting yourself financially.



Have you ever dreamed of escaping the rat race and starting life anew on a tropical island? Did you know the Bahamas are the closest tropical islands to Mainland USA, less than 60 miles from South Florida? If the location itself doesn’t entice you, perhaps you’ll be encouraged to hear that it’s easier than you think to make the move, and this book is here to show you how straight forward and uncomplicated it can be! Escape to the Bahamas is your guide for everything you need to know about relocating to and living on one of 700 tropical islands.  It also includes particulars of island life such as getting around, shopping for essentials, staying healthy, and entertaining and educating your children. This book is filled with practical details that are interwoven with comical anecdotes and first-hand accounts of the author’s joys and struggles. This book is not simply a manual or textbook, it’s the story of how to create an unconventional and extraordinary life in paradise. Are you ready to start turning your island dreams into reality.