Preschool Paper Crafts


25 Creative Crafts to Practice Hand-Eye Coordination & Scissor Skills Developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination is so important for preschoolers, and paper crafts are the perfect way for little hands to practice. This book comes with 25 adorable projects that include easy instructions and simple templates for kids to cut out. The best part. 



Each craft requires only a few materials that you probably already have at home.

What sets this preschool crafts book apart from other scissor skills activity books:

  • Help them build their skills—Toddlers can improve their dexterity, and become better coordinated, as they cut out a twirly snake, an interactive sailboat, royal hand puppets, and more.
  • Bond as you craft together—Enjoy quality time with your little one and watch them learn as they create these cute projects with your help.
  • Spark their creativity—Get kids excited about creating crafts using only scissors, a few simple supplies, and the one magical (and affordable!) material that always comes through for kids: paper.


Focus on your child’s fine motor development while making happy memories with this scissor skills preschool workbook for kids.